Megan Fox bra size

Megan Fox bra size: Megan Fox, born in 1986, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States of America, is famous and widely known not only in her country of origin, but world-wide as well. She is best known as an accomplished actress, mostly recognized from the roles she played in extremely entertaining and widely popular massive budget projects as Transformers sequel. Megan Fox bra size has helped her attain some of the roles that she has played during her career in the movie industry, as always tight and skinny costumes are the main outfits that she is wearing during the shootings.
Her figure shape could be defined as a banana, meaning smaller bust and not wide hips, however, because of her overall petite complexion; she looks skinny and tiny, rather than disproportionate. Megan Fox bra size is 30B. She weighs only 115 pounds, and wearing a size 0 dress number, she in fact looks even too skinny to some people.
Regardless of the possible rumors, she claims that her bust is natural and she has not had any implants. Megan Fox bra size still seems to attract a lot of fans for her, that is why she does not avoid some revealing clothes or tiny and skinny outfits to stay on the top of her game.

The last known Megan Fox bra size is: 30B

megan fox bra size

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