Candice Swanepoel bra size

Candice Swanepoel bra size: Candice Swanepoel, born in 1988, is a famous and world-wide recognized model from South Africa. She became a supermodel after she was accepted to be one of the most glorious angels of high end lingerie Victoria’s Secret. Candice Swanepoel is known for having an amazing figure. Candice Swanepoel body has a typical banana shape figure, meaning that she has narrow hips and not broad shoulders, accompanied by small bust. Candice Swanepoel bra size is one of the key elements to help her career flourish. She is not an owner of a huge bust, however, the firm body and perfect proportions make her one of the ten best earning models in the world, as stated by the Forbes journal. Having a 0 size dress number, she might seem like a petite complexion, however, her height is 5 foot 9, and her weight is 120 lbs, making her quite tall and athletic. Candice Swanepoel bra size is 32 A.
Being a Victoria’s Secret angel means a lot of bikini and lingerie photo shoots and modelling, therefore, Candice Swanepoel bra size is quite important. Her absolutely flat belly as well as pronounced small muscles make up for a modest bra number. She is successful as a model because of the line of push-up bras that are aiming to attract women with smaller busts.

The last known Candice Swanepoel bra size is: 32A

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